Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Working Together" is Important

Have you ever thought of the concept of SYNERGY?

Do you understand what it means?

Don’t worry, not too many people do and most don’t even really think about it.

I obviously thought it was important to address, because understanding what synergy means and how it relates to food is an important piece to this whole WELLNESS puzzle we are trying to complete.

Synergy quit simply is the idea of “working together”.

I recently learned of a study in Liverpool that focused on the synergy of different ingredient combination's. The findings of the study were interesting because it showed that certain negative additives in junk foods (ie: aspartame, MSG, common artificial food colorings, etc.) when combined together caused major neurological negative effects compared to when consumed alone. A lot of studies were done in prisons and in schools that showed higher levels of behavioral problems.

Similarly, studies also showed the synergistic positive effects of several vitamins consumed together versus alone. A couple of the well known ones were Vitamin A + D or Vitamins E, D, and Selenium. These nutrients complimented one another in powerful ways that weren’t attainable alone.

The most striking finding to me was from The American Institute for Cancer Research that stated, “certain combinations of nutrients in certain veggies and fruits can induce powerful healing synergies in the human body.

The most striking combinations were:

1) Broccoli + Brussels Sprouts

2) Yellow Onion + Turmeric

3) Orange + Apple + Grapes + Blueberries

In all three of these combinations it is clear that all the ingredients contain antioxidants, but please take away that when the combinations are eaten together you create effects much more powerful in eliminating free radical damage in the body then any one alone.

I immediately thought of my sautéed vegetables dish that I love to prepare at least three times a week. It’s a quick sauté of fresh minced garlic, onion, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. It is so simple guys. Just sprinkle a tablespoon of E.V.O.O (extra virgin olive oil), Sea Salt, and Ground Pepper into a large frying pan. Add your veggies and stir constantly for about 5 minutes. I made some today for my girlfriends and they were surprised at how much they loved it. Eating Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts is easier and tastier then most people think, give it a try tonight.

Try combining great foods together to bath in the benefits of synergy in food.

Cornell University Professor of Bio-chemistry Colin Campbell, best known for writing the book The China Study had this to say about synergy;

"Nutrition represents the combined activities of countless food substances.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The chemicals we get from the foods we eat are engaged in a series of reactions that work in concert to produce good health.
Everything works together to create health or disease".

A bowl of synergy can change your life!!
Bon Appetite!


  1. Thanks Iva for enlightening this topic. I will definitely keep in mind 'synergy' when it comes to planning my meals. :-)

  2. Your Welcome Ross!! :)
    I will teach you more about complimentary combination's! IMPORTANT STUFF!!



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