About Me

Iva Young resides in California with her husband and two children. Iva graduated from California Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. She is very passionate about really bringing more awareness to moms about what they are feeding themselves and their families. Iva believes that by truly educating yourself on the right nutritional data, choosing the right food products, learning about a system known to make your body work for you and not against you, and following meal plans are the keys to maintaining a lifelong healthy nutritional life. Iva has seen the positive impact that moms make in every aspect of a families life and knows that it’s not easy being everything to everyone. Iva has gained lots of knowledge that is guiding her life down a much healthier road. She wants to share the knowledge and passion she has with you so that you will feel empowered when it comes to eating choices and cooking some amazing meals for your family that you can really feel good about.

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