Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Working Moms Can Raise a Healthy Family

A working mother should be called “Superwoman”.

If you are a working mother you know first hand the type of pressure placed on you to achieve it all and end the day with a smile. A working mother who wants her children to grow up happy and healthy can feel overwhelmed with a tough schedule of work, school, and activities. I’m here to tell you not to be overwhelmed, because when it comes to staying healthy there are some simple rules that I follow that will get and keep you on the right path to optimum health.

Follow my 5 simple rules and the task of raising a healthy family will seem so much easier.

Rule #1:


Do not underestimate the power of learning simple knowledge about nutrition. Understanding what our body needs daily can really help us make better food choices throughout the day. Studies after studies have shown that people who are well versed on basic nutritional knowledge (not myths) make significantly higher quality food choices on a regular basis than their counterparts. They are less swayed by misinformation therefore allowing them to buy better quality products in stores and make better meal choices.

A priceless point about knowledge being important is that many mothers might forget that it is their responsibility to pass along consistent and regular nutritional teachings to their children. Kids will not learn about the details of nutrition at school, but if helped by their family they can really be enriched with the right knowledge that will encourage healthy eating for life.

Rule #2:


It may seem that you’re at the grocery store way too often, but realistically you should be shopping once every week. Don’t try to stretch it out to one and a half or two weeks, because you will find that you will start to consume lower quality foods.

By the end of the one week period you should find your refrigerator mostly emptied out of all the good stuff that you should be eating daily (i.e.: fresh fruits and vegetables). If your refrigerator isn’t cleaned out re-evaluate what foods you and your family have been consuming and make changes if the healthiest choices weren’t being made. “Small steps” is the key to being diligent about eating the good stuff and not wasting it. If you notice that the bag of oranges you bought this past week wasn’t even touched or barely eaten then make efforts next week to make sure everyone is eating their share.

This rule ensures people to be more accountable with their choices.

Rule #3:


Don’t get crazy with complicated recipes keep things simple.

Get used to eating mostly the same sort of foods for breakfasts and lunches; this will help make your life easier.

Being simple will also help ensure that you are really balancing your nutrients and bringing in the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Working doesn’t allow you the extra time for complicated meals anyway, so you have no choice but to be simple. Simple is not boring, get used to it.

Rule #4:


Preparing a variety of your favorite fruits and vegetables in baggies doesn’t take too much time for the added health benefits.

Take time every night or every other night to clean and pack in baggies healthy options (i.e.: fruits, vegetables, nuts, popcorn, whole grain chips and cereals, etc.) so that you have them on hand when you get hungry. You should be eating every 3-4 hours and having healthy foods ready to eat will avoid spontaneous snacking on unhealthy choices.

If your kids are old enough they can start preparing with you and developing this healthy and inexpensive habit.

Along the same lines of preparing ahead is the idea that following a balanced meal plan that has your meal schedule already mapped out is really helpful for the busiest of people. Meal plans not only simplify your life, but if prepared properly can assist you in consuming what you need daily.

Rule #5:


Just walking 30 minutes or more per day, five days a week is extremely beneficial to your health. Exercise decreases insulin issues in your body, burns calories, increases levels of feel good chemicals, boosts the generating of new brain cells, increases the good cholesterol in your body, and ultimately changes the way that your body functions.

It is amazing how much better we are able to handle the pressures of motherhood after we’ve given our body and brain the physical workout it needs. Don’t put exercise on the back burner and teach your kids the importance of even just a little bit of exercise every day. Get into the habit of waking up earlier and exercising in peace before the madness of each day starts, that’s what I do.

With all that said it’s easy to see that by following a few simple rules even busy working moms can raise healthy families. It is the responsibility of all moms to encourage healthy lifestyles and help to improve the outlook for the next generation.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The MOTHER of all Supplements

Sending a SUPER BIG HELLO this morning!

The blog I had intended to post today is getting postponed to next week,
because I was too excited to share my newest JOY of Beachbody's Shakeology with you.

Okay, so sit back and press PLAY!
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If your one of those people who have been searching for the ultimate meal replacement formula to add healing in your body or to sustain good health then search no more! OR, if your one of those people who buy a variety of products to supplement your diet to gain nutrients to help you to feel good and think that you are doing your body good...think about switching.
Shakeology is truly the cream of the crop when it comes down to supplementing.

See what I have to say about it...

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One last share is to tell you that I make my shake with 1 cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 1 cup of ICE, and 1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology. If for some crazy reason you don't like Chocolate they carry one that is called the Greenberry Shakeology (which is basically all the ingredients in the Chocolate one, but without the Cacao Powder).
Another bonus is that when I got my first bag it also came with a cool ONE MONTH CALENDER that provides you with a different quick recipe for each day (so 30 recipes) that helps you think of a different way to enjoy Shakeology everyday. Examples: Chocolate Banana Nutter or Almond Mocha Chiller. The ideas are limitless. It also gave me a recipe for Shakeology No-Bake Cookies, which sounds delicious and nutritious (a cookie? WHO KNEW! )

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Bon Appetite!

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