Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Back.....Let's Revamp our Lives!


I put together a video to let you know that I revamped my website. This new platform will allow for easier access to the resources I provide. Lots of cool things are in the works in the future so bookmark my page and keep coming back.
I also wanted to let you know my direction and goals so that you can gain the most out of your visits.

The coolest thing I wanted to share was that I started attending an amazing school called Institute For Integrative Nutrition and it is intense like medical school. I know many doctor’s who attend this one year program just so they can become well versed on the whole dynamics of true nutrition. Dr. Oz even sent his kids there. I love this school.
A lot of what I will be learning will be shared with you in some way.

I plan on posting a Vlog once a week to teach you something new or motivate you to do something new. I will also take time to blog periodic bits of information that helps me stay healthy.


If you haven’t done so already become a fan of my Facebook fan page and post your thoughts. Don’t just be a lookie-loo…because something you might say can positively change another person’s life. We all have something healthy to share and I need your help to build this sharing community. I can’t do this myself…I NEED YOU!

If your not a Facebook user then follow me on Twitter. If you haven't done so already go over to the left and become a fan of this BLOG....I appreciate it.

I would love to say more, but I have to go…I need to go revamp someone’s life!


  1. Welcome back, IVA! I've missed you. :o)

  2. Thanks Ross! :) I appreciate your patience and support! Thanks for your love too!! XOXO



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