Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Iva's Signature Superfood Smoothie

Many of us struggle with the thought of what we should be consuming daily to really trigger positive health effects in our body. One of my favorite things to say is,

“It’s not important what you eat on any single day, but what you eat over days and weeks which determines if you are nourishing your body”.

Whenever I say this to my clients or friends I see that a very enlightened look shows up on their face. It’s a very important way to think about the effect many meals have…not just one. So, with that said this should make you feel better that eating that decadent dessert smothered with rich chocolate isn’t going to make or break your health. Go ahead indulge...but don’t do it too often. Be honest with yourself and keep it to every once in a while…not nightly.

Now, sticking with this same concept one can see how eating something that is really good for us daily is going to be much more beneficial and nourishing if it’s consumed daily and not every once in a while.
So, I’ve been experimenting with my super powerful Vitamix blender and have been combining a variety of items, specifically foods that are super dense in nutrients and antioxidants. Some of my compilations were so horrible that I wouldn’t even feed it to a dog, but there were many that were amazing.

Out of all the winners I fell in love with this magical SuperFood Smoothie I’m sharing with you. This smoothie has all the elements of sweet, sour, and smooth. It makes me feel good mentally to know that the items in it are super charged with high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Fiber, Antioxidants, many Vitamins and Minerals, powerful plant Protein, and an array of other health benefits.

While creating it I really was searching for a combination of something that I can get used to drinking daily. I saw with myself and with my clients and friends that we were in need of a quick drink that is pure and powerful. Well, this is it.
This drink really gives you sustainable energy that also satisfies many cravings keeping you free of wanting anything else. I usually drink a 16 oz serving every morning unless I decide to have my English Muffin Explosion (I’ll post about that later) or Healthy Pancakes or other options from my book. If I don’t have it for breakfast I prepare it for a snack or even lunch. Don’t under estimate the power of PLANT PROTEIN!

So, without further wait…here it is;

The Mother of All Smoothies…. $1.47 for a 16 oz serving.

½ cup Cold Water
1 long Carrot
½ Orange (try to keep most of the white part)
1 Kiwi (with skin)
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
2 Big Kale Leaves
10 Frozen Blackberries
4 Large, Frozen Strawberries

Place all ingredients into a blender.
2) Blend for 1-2 minutes on max. if you have a powerful blender like my Vitamix that I got at Costco. If you have a less powerful blender blend the first four ingredients first, add the next two until smooth, and finally add the frozen berries until completely smooth.
3) ENJOY!!

Makes ~ 1, 16 oz serving
Exchange Per Serving:

2 Vegetable
2 ½ Fruit
1 Fat

All ingredients chosen were picked specifically for what they offered nutritionally and taste wise. I urge you to take time to learn more about all the Superfoods available to us and come up with your own Superfood Smoothie recipe that you can share with others.

Consuming healthy smoothies like this is so much easier on your digestive system and it makes it much more luckily that you’ll eat all that good food. Keep in mind that using a straw to ingest this goodness allows for the important enzymes at the back of your tongue to mix with the nutrients and really allow your body to maximize it’s efforts.

I hope this smoothie helps you get your day started right and even get your body into the habit of craving the goodness of Kale and Chia Seeds…it will happen!
Bon Appetite!


  1. Definitely a "superfood smoothie!" My family LOVES this smoothie. It is so rich in everything your body needs to function properly.. Thank you for sharing this AMAZING recipe with us.

  2. Thanks Ross! I am glad that you and your family are enjoying it. Hey, click on follow to the left and you can be part of the beginning stages of my blog family! :) Have fun on your trip!! XOXO



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