Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Iva's Green Monster Smoothie

Let’s all give thanks to Saint Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland. It is because of him that we still now continue to celebrate this fun day of feasting. Originally, the color associated with Saint Patrick was blue, but over time the color switched to green.

It fascinates me to see so many recipes of green delights and how people all over the world can get creative with food.

With good timing I want to share a new smoothie recipe that is green and delicious.

This smoothie started off as a recipe given to me by the Vitamix demo guy at Costco…but quickly my kids and I made it our own. Once getting a hold of any recipe I like to manipulate it to make it healthier. We came up with a winner that I’ve shared with just a select few and it’s a hit. Now it’s your turn to make this GREEN MONSTER.


½ Orange (try to keep most of the white part)
½ Banana
½ cup Pineapple cubes
½ Pear
1 ½ cups Spinach
1 ½ cups ICE

Combine all ingredients into a blender.

It’s fun to see it go from all that produce to this green liquid.

Get your kids involved when you make smoothies…it’s safe and they will more willingly want to try tasting it if they got to share in the process of preparing it.

Brooke couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning to have one of these.

Drink that Spinach baby!!

When I make this for myself I like to throw in a tablespoon of Chia Seeds to add a healthy Fat Exchange… you can’t beat the energy and Omega 3’s in Chia Seeds. My daughter also likes Chia Seeds, but my son is not convinced that he should be partaking in this delight. He will come around…he is the picky one in the family and with consistence he always seems to come to enjoying the healthy choices we all are choosing.

Have a wonderful day celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and don’t forget to wear green…or you just might get pinched!

Bon Appetite!


  1. MMMM sounds good! I'm going to try this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your Welcome Edyta! I'm sure sweet Daniella is getting lots of nutrients from your smoothie making. Do you still love it? Send my love to Tommy! :)

  3. I've 'seen' lots of green smoothies, but afraid they were 'overload'. This recipe sounds worth trying! Any thoughts on powdered coconut milk? Read a recipe calling for it; 'Popeye's ice cream' ?

  4. Sounds delicious as ALWAYS Iva! I make one every morning and sometimes another after a run in the evening :) I use almond/coconut milk...thoughts on that? I also add chia, flax, and hemp seeds with a sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger. Interesting combo, eh? Hope to see you ASAP!!!!! xoxoxox

  5. PS. I NEED to add that Brooke & Gavin are incredibly beautiful kids!!!!!

  6. YUMMY! Just made mine! Love it, mama! As always, it was great to see you!!! xoxo

  7. It looks like a good and delicious smoothie. I got to try it.

  8. Hi KD! Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! This is a really easy recipe and of course there is room to add more super healthy things like Spirulina, Flax, Grasses, Nuts, Seeds, Seaweed, Herbs, etc. There is tremendous variety out there to help people discover what works best for their own bodies and tastes. This specific recipe is a treat for my kids, but deep down I know that it's got a decent amount of goodness in it too. :)
    Coconut Milk/Juice/Water is the hot new thing right now and I want to say that the powder is good for you. But, just keep in mind that no matter how good it tastes and how much health it's suppose to provide it still is power packed with a decent amount of calories and saturated fat. A 1/2 cup serving of the liquid gives you 197 calories accompanied by 21 grams of TOTAL FAT, 19 grams being Saturated!! YIKES!
    Something to keep in mind.
    Honestly, I really like to use nuts and seeds (especially CHIA) for a fat exchange. The amount of energy Chia Seeds provide should fuel you for days!! :) A lot of people are using Coconut Milk in place of Dairy, because it is a good Dairy-Free Option, but personally I would pick unsweetened Almond Milk as my Dairy Substitute! :) HOPE MY THOUGHTS HELP!!

  9. Hi Kristina!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
    I had to get that off my chest....hee...hee...
    I love your smoothie combo. I totally would stick with ALMOND MILK over COCONUT!! :) Read what I wrote to KD!
    I love how you add so many power seeds and go my little runner!
    Did you know that Ginger has over 30 antioxidants in it? YUP! What an amazing food. You are so lucky to like that taste...I still haven't gotten used to it...I am working on it.
    I sure can't wait to see you this summer!
    Thanks for your comments about my munchkins...they are blessings beyond anything else on earth! I thank God constantly for them! Brooke sends a smile and kiss...she loved reading your comments!! :)
    PS Share your full recipe anytime...with never knows who's life you will help!! MUAH!

  10. My Sweet Priscilla! I'm so glad you loved it! EASY AND AWESOME, RIGHT?
    I was able to see your post on FB, but it disappeared. I wanted to say that it's cool that your friends like the naked juice....but several years ago when I was buying them at Costco I noticed that we were going through way too many each week and it was super costly. I couldn't just buy it for myself...hubby needed to be healthy and also the it was too much. I love that there is a company like that who makes that so if I am desperate I can stock up, but for now I like to make my own.
    I also want my kids to participate in making them...they appreciate the whole idea behind eating/drinking all that produce more because they saw what it was before they drank it. They didn't really "UNDERSTAND" when we were buying big NAKED JUICES at the store.
    It's a little bit more work...seriously...little...but it's so worth it! :) You keep working hard and I'm so happy to be a positive impact in your life!
    Today was's always a super duper treat to see you!! MUAH MY SEXY FRIEND!
    Let's get together outside of MOPS SOON!! XOXO

  11. Thanks for joining us Quesm! I'm sure you will love it! Are you in the Philippines? Let me know if you make it! :)

  12. thanks for the recipe Iva. We haven't tried chia seeds over here. Definitely something I'll pick up next time at the store.

  13. Hi Amy! What a treat to have you visit! :)
    Once you add Chia seeds into your awesome recipes you will be hooked. They really don't taste like anything....adds a little texture to things. It is a great SUPER FOOD to keep in your life...that's for sure.
    Let me know where you buy them (in Cali I have only found them in WHOLE FOOD STORES) and what you think. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! :)

  14. WOW, Iva! I can't wait to make this. My family will certainly ENJOY it. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. Just call me the GREEN MONSTER. :o)

  15. You are too cute Ross! :)
    I'm sure your awesome healthy family will appreciate this combination!
    I can't wait to enjoy so much food with you tomorrow!

  16. I am making the GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIE today. So if you see the 'green monster,' don't be scared.. it's just me. Iva, I thought you'd get a kick out of it. lol.



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