Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Revamp Your Kitchen and Shopping Habits

It's time to talk about your kitchen and shopping habits. This is going to be FUN!!

Do you think that your kitchen is stocked with the best foods for your body?
Do you feel that maybe you could use a little makeover and just start from scratch?

Well, don't feel alone...there are more people coming to me to have me revamp their kitchens and shopping habits then you would ever imagine.
With today's robust advertising efforts on many supermarket products it's so confusing to women and men on what they should be buying for their families.
It's all so confusing and especially if you want to transition to a more HOLISTIC lifestyle, the products you thought were healthy just simply won't do. Once you make the commitment to provide the best nutrients, including powerful enzymes for your body then shopping takes on a whole new meaning.

I love spending time with people ditching the old and bringing in the new.
Watch my video that shares my joy for COSTCO and truly helps show you how shopping at Costco along with a couple of whole food stores keeps me buying the best products for the best price.

Always keep in mind how healthy you want you and your family to be. Is it 100% or just 80%. Either way shopping the Costco Way and Whole Foods allows you to have a good variety of healthy options.

Contact me anytime to schedule a FREE Health Consultation!
Happy Shopping!


  1. What an amazing video, Iva!! I am due for a kitchen revamp. And I need your book so that I know how to restock my kitchen!! :) We don't have a Costco here but we do have Sam's and the only health food store we have is Fresh Market. But I'm sure I can find what I need at either or these or even another local super market.

    Keep doing what you're doing because it is so valuable and it's changing lives!!

  2. Thank you, Iva for that beautiful presentation video. Costco is AWESOME. We are shopping for groceries constantly. You have motivated me even more to clean out. Thank you for your inspiration, your encouragement, and most of all your friendship. You are FABULOUS. By the way, how did those Doritos get in there??? :-)

  3. Thanks Michelle and Ross!
    You both are a big source of joy in my life....thanks for your support.
    Keeping the kitchen clean and stocked is so simple, but so easily the big problem of most eating habits. You have to have the good stuff around in order to pick to eat it right? :)
    Ross...I'm sure you can guess that I have an awesome shopping partner who likes to come home with things that will sabotage our health!
    He likes to make trips every once in a while without me and sees the choices by the registers as a easy fix for his salty and sweet desires.
    Don't is always getting better...our cupboards used to be filled with way more "EXTRAS"...
    Does your hubby ever do that?



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